First and foremost, Ross Counseling and Therapy is a safe harbor for my clients, where problems and desires can be discussed without fear of ridicule. Finding a common ground for relating to each other is the first order of business in establishing a successful client/therapist relationship.

I will of course begin with a comprehensive client and family history to identify, clarify and assess each client's current needs. Throughout treatment, I continually re-assess those needs as well as the client's progress. As there is no "one size fits all" solution, I remain flexible in my modes of treatment so that I may best help the client succeed in meeting his or her objectives and goals.

In the event a medical intervention is required in tandem with my work, I am very willing to coordinate with medical providers to assist during the process. I work closely with neurologists, psychiatrists, psycho-pharmacologists, gynecologists, urologists and other health care professionals as is appropriate for your situation.

In addition to medical providers, I also maintain close ties with many other professionals in the Bergen-Rockland County communities that may benefit my clients such as a nutritionist, acupuncturist, attorney, accountant, career consultant, and even a web developer.

I strive to be the very best that is humanly and technologically possible by continuously enhancing my talent, knowledge, and experience whenever and wherever possible.