"My wife and I turned to Rick Ross when we were in desperate need of getting our relationship back on track. Rick's insight, knowledge and professional expertise is what we needed. He comes across as a real person, with a caring heart. He took complete interest in our situation, not just as a clinician, but as a person. He made us feel that our individual gripes and issues were being taken seriously and we were both given a fair platform to be heard. His sense of humor came in handy during some difficult conversations."
~Paul C.

"I've found Rick to have tremendous insight into our family. He's done a great job of facilitating better communication among family members, and he is very available outside of office hours. For us, that was particularly valuable when we were in 'crisis mode' with one of our kids. Rick's practice is very atypical, yet, he has helped our family more than any other therapist we have seen. It works!"
~Maureen M.

"Rick is a very perceptive therapist and I consider our family fortunate to have found him. He is really helping all of us heal, and establish a new family dynamic that is very healthy. In addition, he is a great communicator and does an excellent job of facilitating conversations among our family members."
~Gregory M.

"Rick Ross is the reason my family is still together. He is the only person who was able to get through to my family. He is real, easy to talk to, and non-judgmental. He always makes himself available to offer his help and advice. The strategies he recommended for my family to try were easy to incorporate into our lives. He is truly a professional and an expert in his field. Also, he has a wonderful sense of humor, which really helps to diffuse difficult conversations."
~Liz D.

"My work with Rick has definitely had a positive effect on my personal life and schoolwork. I find that I have more self-esteem and have developed more strategies in coping with life issues. I would recommend Rick's services to anyone that is looking for professional therapy and guidance."
~Erik C.

"Mr. Ross is a competent, caring and effective counselor. He is able to use not only his extensive academic and professional training and experience but he brings a very human and empathetic touch to his counseling. He has helped my husband and my self individually and as a couple tremendously within a very short period. I know under his care we are in a better place in our relationship and will continue to grow both as individuals and as a couple."
~Judy G.

"Ross Counseling has helped me not only overcome frustrations and fears about the unknown, but has also made me realize how much fun life really can be."
~David A.